Message by Chairman, AES



V S Vidyalaya is one of the premiere school of this region. It has carved its name in golden letters in over 5 decades of its existence. Performing consistently year after year has been its forte. It has produced many jewels who are spread across the globe and are bringing good name to this dream institution of learning.

However in recent times there has been a strong paradigm shift in the field of education. The very motive of education is now to create human beings with high emotional intelligence and with decent happiness quotient. It is to be understood that in this fast growing world one must possess the  maturity, decision taking ability, logical thinking, empathy, care for the deprived and the less privileged, sense of responsibility towards environment, contributing towards society, leadership for constructive change, etc. to be really designated as successful in life. The sooner we adapt to this new reality the better it will be for the students. Through timely interventions we can not only build a better future of our children but also contribute significantly in the nation building in its true sense.


Hence it’s my sincere appeal that right steps are to be taken up in that direction to see V S Vidyalaya remains in sync with the changing time and changes itself as per the greater need. Let V S Vidyalaya become a leading force of change in Odisha, which many other schools would wish to emulate. The Joy is in the pursuit more than the realization.

Happy sailing!