Chemistry Lab

To invent, you need a good imagination & a pile of junk. Our faculty members focus on this aspect. They impart sound practical knowledge so that the students can think beyond the realms of possibility. To imagine & invent something novel we have well equipped chemistry lab.

The lab consists of instruments like distillation apparatus, centrifuge, viscosity apparatus, Kipps apparatus, balances etc. Various polythene ware, porcelain ware & glass wares like conical flask, burette, pipette, test tubes, and beakers find a place in the lab. Chemical apparatus like Bunsen burner, burette stand, water bath, crucible tong have been provided for experimental purposes. Rexin coated charts provide information on topics like periodicity of elements, shapes of atomic orbitals, Isomerism, Metallurgy etc.

Our qualified faculty members put in maximum efforts so as to develop practical inclination for the subject among the students.