Message from Principal

      Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Friends

  1. When we learn to laugh at our troubles, we will find them to be mere bubbles which are swiftly blown away. To gather the fruit, to register victory, to attain success , one requires unwavering faith in oneself. Faith works like miracle. It looks beyond all boundaries, transcends all limitations, conquers all obstacles and carries us to our goal. Therefore, we should have faith, take courage and march ahead, onward and upward till we attain the goal. Without great enthusiasm and effort, nothing is achieved. Enthusiasm puts a sparkle in our eyes, a lilt in our steps. It often makes us perform extraordinary feats in every ordinary situation.
  2. In this context I must proudly say that the determination, dedication and devotion of my colleagues and students in accomplishing our goal have been commendable. The strong guidance of our AES Management and valuable support from parents have facilitated our mission of carrying the institution to greater and better heights and thus setting examples for future generation to emulate.

  3. Mr. Basanta Kumar Mishra
    Offg. Principal